We are living in an era of digitalised and globally connected data whose protection via up-to-date security is essential.

The enormous hacker attack “Wannacry“ recently revealed the fatal consequences that deficient security might entail particularly for companies.

In our everyday professional life, mobile devices have taken a leading role in interpersonal communication and the exchange of information; but especially the business use of smartphones and tablets includes the central storage and mobile provision of highly sensitive personal data. Companies are obliged to protect all processes that are involved appropriately and effectively by making use of an MDM solution.

Regulation No. 2016/ 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council is the EU’s reaction to the increased public pressure and demand for amplified security guidelines in favour of the end user.

We have collected all relevant information and summarised it in the GDPR Quick Facts, on the left side of the page for you.

The new regulation will affect a broad number of enterprises. Of course, 7P reacts by adjusting its MDM services extensively according to the changes

Based on our high standards and quality focus we are able to look into the future and state expressively:


Our aim is uncompromising customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this we treat this topic thoroughly and guarantee that our end-to-end data security solution on your mobile devices will be regulation-compliant as soon as the General Data Protection Regulation will become applicable.