7P EMM Ecosystem


As the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, 7P offers you both individual solutions and all the necessary concepts and components to ensure smooth and straightforward mobile work processes. 7P MDM is a key element here.


In general, the MDM comprises the following functional groups:

  • Roll-out over the air
  • Security settings
  • Compliance guidelines
  • Distribution of device settings
  • Distribution of applications and files
  • Inventory



Although apps now have to comply with security guidelines before they can be published in the various app stores, tests by independent IT security companies show that every second app forwards data to third parties. Do you have the time for the daily testing of the apps that your employees use at your company? 7P MAS – European standard mobile app security. 7P MAS provides you with access to an application database in which you will find security-relevant ratings of tested apps from diverse app stores. You therefore have a reliable basis when making a decision as to whether you rate the app as secure, or will place it on your blacklist as being unsafe.


The Android Mobile Security module provides state-of-the-art protection for Android devices from malware from apps and the Internet. Based on the app of our Austrian partner “IKARUS Security Software GmbH”, the following functions can be centrally configured and rolled out using the management interface of the 7P MDM System.


What does an encrypted container do? It strictly separates your business data (e-mails & attachments, contacts and appointments) from the private sphere of your employees. In the private sphere, your employee can make unlimited use of the mobile terminal, manage their own data and save these (e.g. in a Cloud). You can use a password to protect your company information against unauthorised access and delete it (selectively) as needed. The secure container acts as part of your corporate network and falls under your Administration.


SEVEN PRINCIPLES offers an approach that limits the number of devices that can access the customer’s exchange environment and in addition, makes access dependent on security-relevant device specifications.  If a user wishes to access the Exchange Server using a mobile terminal, he or she must identify himself/herself to the firewall. This is done using a “Unique Identifier” (IMEI, serial number, ActiveSync ID, Apple ID). The firewall checks via the 7P Secure Access Gateway, a 7P MDM option, on the MDM server whether the identifier belongs to a terminal that is registered in the MDM. If this is the case, data access will be granted. If not, the device is rejected by the Firewall.



7P implements your EMM strategy

  • 7P offers EMM operating models both with the 7P Cloud, as well as for your own infrastructure in your own computer centre
  • Different service levels available
  • We create users and devices in your system
  • We work alongside you to define policies and restrictions and then implement them for you in your EMM system
  • You will receive regular reports on the status of your EMM solution and any policy breaches
  • Motto: “You use your 7P EMM system, we operate it!”