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7P-EMM enables the secure and controlled use of mobile devices without restricting the mobile productivity of your employees. See how 7P-EMM can help to mobilize your business.

Mobile Device

Device Management
7P-MDM enables your IT organization to secure, manage and configure consistent data protection policies across all your employees’ mobile devices. This provides you visibility and control over your users’ mobile access to corporate data. The configuration of measures and automatic workflows allow your IT to respond instantly and in time to security incidents and broken compliance requirements.

Device management functions


Support for all relevant platform services (Apple DEP and VPP, Android zero touch Enrollment, Android Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment).


Asset Management and Organisation
Comprehensive functionality for application and device management, inventory & asset management, and mobile contracts.


Integration & APIs
Integration of your central user management data (Active Directory) and other services via APIs.


Device Configuration and Workflows
Remote configuration and remote control services such as device locking or deleting data stored on devices. Implementation of central security guidelines compliant with EU GDPR guidelines by defining proper workflows and configuring rule, e.g. for access to networks or data.


A monitoring via the dashboard or configurable reports provides visibility about usage and the security status of devices

Mobile Application

Secure Application Lifecycle Management for Mobile Apps
7P-MAM functions enables your IT to distribute, secure and manage mobile applications to your mobile devices from a central location. Deployment and updating can take place via an Enterprise App Store. The use of certain apps can be restricted using a blacklist or whitelist. Data separation and secure data exchange can achieved by using a container application or in-App-VPN. In this way, you retain control over business apps and software on the mobile devices.

App Management Features


App Security 7P-MAS
7P-MAS grants you access to an application database in which you can find security-relevant evaluations of tested apps from a wide variety of app stores. This provides your company with a secure basis for deciding whether to classify an app as secure or as insecure and list it on your blacklist.


Android Mobile Security
Our Android Mobile Security Module protects mobile Android devices against malware using state-of-the-art technology.


Container Support
Using an encrypted container, your business data can be strictly separated from the private data of your employees. You can use a password to protect your company information against unauthorized access and delete it or reset it selectively if necessary.


Enterprise App Store
Besides the usage of public app stores or corresponding platforms such as Google Play for Work, 7P-EMM offers your enterprise the possibility to distribute your company apps via your own managed private app store.

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Mobile Content

Secure access to data and separation of private and professional information
With 7P-EMM, the secure access to company data can be set up. The usage of container solutions, encryption policies and a comprehensive roles and rights concept enables your IT to manage the secure mobile access to your company data.

Content Management Functions


Integration with your user management
The integration of the central user data management (Active Directory) and other services via APIs supports the assignment of user roles and granting of rights for data access.


Secure Access Gateway
We offer an approach that limits the number of devices that can access the customer’s exchange environment and in addition, makes access dependent on security-relevant device specifications. If a user wishes to access the Exchange Server using a mobile terminal, he or she must identify himself/herself to the firewall. This is done using a “Unique Identifier”. The firewall checks via the 7P Secure Access Gateway, a 7P MDM option, on the MDM server whether the identifier belongs to a device that is registered in the MDM. If this is the case, data access will be granted. If not, the device is rejected by the Firewall.


Grant dedicated apps data access on company data via VPN.


BYOD & Self Service Portal
The integration of private devices or external employees places special requirements on the device functionality and the mobile access to the company network. 7P-EMM offers special settings for the GDPR compliant management of private or external devices. A Self Service portal enables the secure management of privately owned devices by the device owner.

“You use your 7P EMM system,
we operate it!”

Managed Mobile

Regional nearness as a locational advantage
As a European EMM provider, we orient ourselves on European safety standards and further develop our solutions on the demand of the European market. The possibility of immediate exchange and uncomplicated cooperation as well as local support and service plays a key role for the successful introduction and operation of Enterprise Mobility Management.


Service, 7P Managed Mobility Services
The shortage of IT specialists is continuously increasing. A trend reversal is unlikely. With this in mind, the service aspect plays a central role in the choice for a local provider. 7P Managed Mobility Services offers EMM operating models both with the 7P Cloud and for your own infrastructure in your own data center.

Motto: “You use your 7P EMM system, we operate it!”


Flexibility, individual IT solutions
As a local software provider and leading system integration house, we offer solutions which can be easily implemented and individually adapted to the specifics of your company and your local market.


Data protection, EU laws and standards
Data protection and security guidelines are particularly important aspects in Europe. This applies not only to the secure and local storage of data but also to the security of data processing. SEVEN PRINCIPLES meets the European data protection standards.

We offer proximity to our customers throughout Europe and
guide you proactively during the entire customer journey.