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Secure access to data and separation of private and professional in
With 7P-EMM, the secure access to company data can be set up. The usage of container solutions, encryption policies and a comprehensive roles and rights concept enables your IT to manage the secure mobile access to your company data.

Content Management Functions 



Integration with your user management
The integration of the central user data management (Active Directory) and other services via APIs supports the assignment of user roles and granting of rights for data access.

Secure Access Gateway
SEVEN PRINCIPLES offers an approach that limits the number of devices that can access the customer’s exchange environment and in addition, makes access dependent on security-relevant device specifications.  If a user wishes to access the Exchange Server using a mobile terminal, he or she must identify himself/herself to the firewall. This is done using a “Unique Identifier”. The firewall checks via the 7P Secure Access Gateway, a 7P MDM option, on the MDM server whether the identifier belongs to a terminal that is registered in the MDM. If this is the case, data access will be granted. If not, the device is rejected by the Firewall.


Grant dedicated apps data access on company data via VPN.

BYOD & Self Service Portal
The integration of private devices or external employees places special requirements on the device functionality and the mobile access to the company network. 7P-EMM offers special settings for the GDPR compliant management of private or external devices. A Self Service portal enables the secure management of privately owned devices by the device owner.



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