We supply and operate turnkey mobile solutions out of one hand.

Mobility Solutions

We cover the entire Enterprise Mobility Journey of our customers. A well considered mobility strategy will not only increase your success but also improve your competitiveness. We will only be satisfied if you are!

Our consulting competence in combination with our mobility solutions enables the most efficient creation of new innovative IT architectures and new business models.

7P EMM: Professional support
meets complex mobile solutions

Mobile Solution: Sales
Mobile app solution for digital supported direct sales and field service.

Mobile Solution: Middleware
Middleware for the integration of mobile apps in your back-end systems.

IT Consulting
We provide support along the entire value chain, from initial consulting through the implementation of complex solutions to E2E Managed Service.

Mobile Solution: EMM
Comprehensive management of mobile devices, applications and data in the cloud.

"No customer is too small and
no customer is too big for us."

EMM industry solutions:
Across all markets

As an European provider, we have oriented our solutions and offerings along the needs of the local market in order to serve the topics of the future for its customers. For this reason, our solution is developed in Europe, hosted in Germany and supported locally by highly trained technical staff. Our customers particularly appreciate our local presence.

We understand the individual requirements of specific industries or functional areas.

The European industry as well as the public sector operate successfully due to the development of innovations without disregarding the strict safety and quality standards. We share this mentality and see ourselves as your local, European partner, who understands your requirements and gets involved, even right down to individual customizing.

Public Solution

An experienced partner
Smartphones and tablets are also becoming increasingly popular in government agencies and other public institutions. However, in this case, massive security and legal issues often cause problems. Public institutions and authorities can deal with this issue responsibly if they deal with this issue in advance. The EMM solution supports them in this work, as we are specifically dedicated to meeting the latest requirements in this area.

We already work together with numerous public institutions in various regions. In Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, we have already distinguished ourselves as a trustworthy partner in the area of EMM solutions. The European mentality as well as the technical information know-how are especially appreciated.

If you have further questions about our solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

EMM for
schools and education

Manage devices efficiently with 7P EMM and Apple School Manager

7P EMM works closely with Apple School Manager, helping schools manage digital learning devices. The solution, optimised for school operations, and Apple’s ‚Shared iPad Mode‘ ensure that iPads can be used securely by different students, and in compliance with data protection regulations. Teachers keep control over each iPad, ensuring that all students can focus on their work – be it in the classroom or during distance learning at home.

Focus on school activities

Whether it is a school-owned or private device for classroom use: With 7P EMM, teachers keep control over each device during lessons. Teachers are able to  share content, digital worksheets or tasks from educational apps with the students’ user profiles and view their progress at any time. This enables real-time collaboration and individual support to pupils.

Own App Store

In order to enable students to fully concentrate on their lessons, unnecessary features will be disabled and apps that are not required will be deleted from the students’ schooling profiles. Additional apps and content can be opened as needed via a separate pre-configured app store. In this way, thus, 7P EMM ensures optimum use of devices within the  classroom, both functionally and in terms of content.

Shared iPad & Data Protectiom

Typically, one iPad is used by several students.  Therefore, data protection is of utmost importance. When students log off of the iPad, all local data and settings are reset after they have been saved in the student’s  personal iCloud. The next time they log on to a shared device, personal settings and data are restored and accessible again.

Integration with the school server

The integration of the school’s central user administration (e.g. Active Directory or SIS) enables the 7P EMM to automatically create users and assign roles and rights on all devices for data access.

Central device and user management

Simple, automated device registration and provisioning of iPads and Macs reduces the workload of IT administration. Managed Apple IDs for all students and teachers provide access to all Apple services, including iCloud with 200 GB of free storage per user.

Flexible operating concept

The multi-client-capable 7P EMM offers all options: operation in the schools’ own infrastructures, in a municipal data centre or in a German cloud, with own administrators or as a managed service, should schools do not have own IT resources.

Individual solutions
customized for your company


  • Medium and small companies
  • Companies with tight budgets
  • Small number of employees
  • from 10 end devices
  • Adaptation to needs
  • perfect EMM solution
  • Security
  • Service
  • „Pay as you go“


  • Medium to large companies
  • Many locations
  • High number of end devices
  • Fast Roll-Outs
  • Easy Scalability
  • High security
  • Service
  • Availability

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EMM Use Cases

Whether you want to use 7P-EMM as standard software for mobile security, as a white lable cloud solutions or as part of a comprehensive managed service. 7P-EMM is the perfect digital service to securely implement your mobility strategy.


Cloud Service or On Premise
7P-EMM can be integrated into your data center as a standard solution or used as a cloud service.


White Labeled Solution
Our business partners use 7P-EMM as a white Label solution to expand their core business and strengthen their brand.

Full Managed Mobility Service
We are able to deliver both mobile solutions, device procurement and mobile management out of one hand.

sIT Solutions uses 7P-MDM

sIT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH is the IT service provider of Erste Group Bank AG, Erste Bank and the Austrian Sparkassen. sIT Solutions Austria uses 7P EMM to manage over 21,000 devices. The devices are used at various locations throughout Austria.

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7P MDM in use at the Vienna Chamber of Labour

The Vienna Chamber of Labour uses 7P Mobile Device Management for around 650 devices. During the introduction, the solution from 7P not only convinced with its wide range of performance features, but also a good pricing model.

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Telenor Cloud Service with 7P MDM

Telenor is the 14th largest Telco operator in the world with a business focus in Scandinavia. As part of the transformation to a Trusted Advisor for Telco Cloud Services and the introduction of IP services, a 7P-White Label MDM based Cloud Service was developed, serving B2B & Government customers in Scandinavia.

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Mobilisation of sales, GYOD

As part of the digitization of its direct sales channel, the Vorwerk Group has equipped its sales staff with mobile devices and a dedicated sales application. SEVEN PRINCIPLES developed both the sales app as well as the management of the devices as part of a Get Your Own Device strategy for Vorwerk.

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